in partnership with parents

WEBPICS21We know and respect that parents are children’s first educators. We therefore aim to support and assist parents to ensure that they are provided with every opportunity to participate in all aspects of the day care life. We want you to trust us and have confidence in what we do. We want you to be happy and ultimately feel in no doubt that leaving your most precious possession with us is the right thing to do!

This partnership with parents is of upmost importance for enhancing children’s development and learning whilst at day care and at home. It sets a positive example for children and makes the transition from home to the day care setting easier and consistent. We pride ourselves on building healthy partnerships with parents and making them feel welcome and valued right from their very start. We always provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and understand that all families are important.

Two-way communication is vital! We encourage all feedback and promote openness & honesty. We are available every day to give feedback about your child’s day. We share any significant happenings with you, plus you have access to your child’s learning journey and progress reports. Furthermore we encourage you to come along to any special events, carnivals, fairs, charity events that we may participate in.

We truly believe that the sharing of information between you and us is fundamental for responding quickly to support children’s individual learning and development and makes for happy children.