Hi Janine and Tom

On behalf of Ben, Dave and I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you both for creating such fun-filled days for him and putting so much effort into the activities you do with the children.

Today was the icing on the cake. He has not stopped talking about his spooky day with you. We had to call both sets of Grandparents to show them his cake, say “trick or treat” to them and tell them all about his prize for being the most magical. He was so proud.

We have honestly never seen him so happy as he is at the moment. So many of our friends are saying what a different boy he is since he stopped nursery and came into your care.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do.

Have a good rest tonight. You deserve it!

Jo and Dave (and Ben) xxx

To Tom and Janine
Thank you so much for looking after and caring so much for Francis and Evalyn. We could not have asked for anyone more wonderful to help them grow.
Lots of love

Dave, Lorraine, Francis and Evalyn xxx

To Tom
Happy birthday, I hope you have the best day ever!
You’re 1 of the best childminders ever, loads of love.

Em x x x Aged 8

Our 16 month old son has been attending the Little Munchkin Patch for four months and we couldn’t be happier with the care that Tom and Janine have provided. We were really anxious when choosing childcare that he wouldn’t settle as he can be quite shy and that he wouldn’t sleep as we had struggled at home. Tom and Janine were really reassuring and helped put us at ease.

Our son has settled in extremely well and sleeps better now than he ever has! We love receiving his daily diaries to learn what he has been doing during his day. I am always amazed by the variety of activities that Tom and Janine fit in and love the fact that pretty much whatever the weather he gets time for outdoor play. I have certainly noticed the improvement in his language and communication skills as well as his social skills since starting at the Munchkin Patch.

Tom and Janine always make time at drop off and pick up to talk to us about our sons day and offer help and advice with any issues we are having at home. It is at these times that we can see how well attached our son is with them which is hugely reassuring to us. Their enthusiasm seems to be never ending and their passion for the work they do really shines through. We love that our son gets such professional care yet in a home from home environment.

Thank you so much Tom and Janine!

Kate and Morgan Jones

Together they are second parents to our two girls, Emilie and Mollie, and in all the time they have been with Tom and Janine, there has never been even a morning where they have not wanted to go.  They nurture and care for both girls and do both with utmost professionalism at all times.  We always appreciate their flexibility and always try to accommodate us when a family crisis hits such as a work or family commitment (having elderly parents).  Prior to Mollie starting school, and Emilie attending school, so seeing T & J for only the period post school, we really appreciated the time and effort that both took in ensuring that Emilie was totally included and would regularly theme events and activities to Emilie’s interests, despite it only being for a matter of a few hours a day.  Working away from home for part of the week it’s a massive comfort to me that both girls are in such safe hands and that the service that they have developed over time, has developed intuitively with the needs of those that use it.  Most of all I appreciate their good humour, whatever sort of day they have had, they always greet me with a smile, and as such it brightens my day.  I cannot sing their praises more highly and would be more than happy to endorse any of these views and more over the phone.

Tim Quick

Our daughter has been attending Munchkin Patch since March 2016. She always comes home excited to tell us all about her day and what they’ve been up to. Days are filled with arts and crafts, outdoor activities, singing and reading and so much more. We really feel that our daughter is having a rounded early education and is thriving within a loving and friendly setting.

Communication is excellent, from drop off/pick up times, to the daily diary email and the beautiful learning journal which we will treasure. Janine and Tom are flexible and supportive and we are so grateful for their care of our daughter.

Jen Booth

As a teacher with 20 years’ experience, I am thoroughly impressed with the professional way you both run Little Munchkin Patch

The structured education and care you provide coupled with the calm and safe atmosphere that you create is outstanding and is second to none in my opinion. You have an excellent rapport with our two boys and make them feel totally secure and happy. I am also very impressed in the short space of time they have been in your care that I have seen their personal development flourish.

My opinion is not only from a teacher’s perspective, but also from having had 7 years’ experience of nursery and child minding organisations caring for our two sons.

Clive Greenhough

Tom and Janine’s house is great its got sofas, chairs, tables, cupboards, its mostly always tidy, my favourite bit of their house is having toys, they have a marvellous house. Sometimes I play Rush Hour car game it is the best game in the world, sometimes Amélie helps me. Also I love to do drawing with everybody else. At Christmas we do a lot of Christmas stickers which is amazing. I do also love making Christmas decorations out of salt dough and paint them. But my absolute favourite thing to do and play is to make cookies or cake.

We LOVE Tom and Janine’s house

Emilie Quick age 7

I wanted to have an opportunity to let you know my thoughts about the education and care provided at Little Munchkin Patch. As an ex-teacher myself who has been through many inspections during my 18 years, I know how important it is to try and get as detailed a picture of a setting as possible in a very short time, so I hope my perspective, as a parent, helps.

Our first son, Finlay, joined the Patch in November 2013, he was joined by his brother in September 2015. Throughout this time, I have been so impressed with all aspects of the provision.

Communication: I think this is a real strength of the Patch. I always feel that I know where my sons are in terms of their interests, social interactions, learning and so on. Either Tom or Janine (and sometimes both!) make sure that they give a quick but fairly thorough summary of the day at pick up. Where appropriate, they point out actions which would help them, whether emotionally or cognitively. For example, when Finlay started at preschool, our younger son found it difficult to see his Mummy and his brother walk away and leave him there. A simple comment such as ‘perhaps he could bring a favourite book of his own to share during circle time’ really helped and made such a difference.

Daily Diary: The verbal feedback is followed up by a detailed diary, outlining the different activities undertaken (and which Early Learning Goals these address), as well as the child’s mood, interests, sleep patterns and so on. I really like the fact that these are emailed over to us so I can keep them all together on the computer without having yet another mound of paper to store. Of course, it means it is also far more environmentally friendly too, which is another plus.

Learning Journal: One of my highlights is when we are sent the Learning Journals, again by email (through a password protected site.) The care, love and attention to detail demonstrate just how delighted I am to have chosen Tom and Janine to look after our sons. Each section helpfully outlines the next steps for the child with suggested activities to do with them.

Newsletters: We also receive weekly newsletters via email, with useful information, reminders, notices about illnesses etc.

Activities: I love hearing about the adventures that the children get up to. Many of the activities are so imaginative that we have been inspired to follow them up at home. For example, freezing dinosaurs in water, building really high towers with Duplo, finding sticks to make Stick Man.

All in all, we are delighted with the provision at the Little Munchkin Patch and couldn’t have hoped for a better start for our boys.

Many thanks

Liz Newton

Thanks for everything over the past few weeks, we couldn’t have juggled it all without you both being so helpful and Wonderful.

Becky Quick

[About 2 year progress check]

We feel that this is a very accurate report and we are very pleased with our child’s excellent progress which continues to delight and amuse us.

We thank Tom and Janine for often taking the lead in ensuring his development.

It is clear that they put a lot of time and effort into their Little Munchkins and that this is done with both professionalism and love.

Jez Kent

I have had the privilege of working with Tom and Janine and being able to share information with regards to children’s development. As a professional in Early Years I feel the achievements of children is accurately and beautifully recorded and shared with parents. The online learning journey clearly highlights the child as an individual and celebrates their achievements. As a parent I found looking at the online learning journey heart warming and this reflected the high standard of care that they have to each child.
I am extremely impressed with the efforts that Tom and Janine go to, to share important information about each individual child’s development. They offer wonderful opportunities for children to reach their goals and you can see this is celebrated within the home setting.

Melanie Halliday Preschool Leader

I also meant to say how kind you are to take the girls out on Monday, I don’t know where you find the energy and enthusiasm – you truly are great at doing the best for little munchkins, thank you so much.

Becky Quick

Hi Janine and Tom

Thank you so much for your flexibility and care when thinking about how to accommodate my seemingly ever changing needs. I really appreciate this and it just furthers my delight that I have you two looking after our boys…people who genuinely have the children’s security and happiness at the core.

I feel so happy knowing that you will be looking after our boys. Going back to work is going to be hard, but at least I won’t be worrying about the boys’ wellbeing or happiness.

Liz Newton

I felt I must write to share my wonderful experience of using the Munchkin Patch in Bradford on Avon for childcare services so other parents can use this to help them make the very important and indeed hard and emotional decision.

I have 2 daughters aged 2 and 5 and have moved recently to Bradford on Avon having previously used and been totally happy with a nursery with a lovely owner and fabulous nursery nurses. I felt it gave excellent care and also provided my eldest daughter with the skills ready to start school. When I moved to Bradford, I was disappointed to not find a nursery with places, but luckily the Munchkin Patch was not full due to recently setting up and upon meeting Tom & Janine in their house, I knew instantly that they were unlike any childminder I had met before; they are totally passionate about children being individual and have a structure to each day using the latest Early Years standards. It is a very professional yet homely setting and they adore their work; it is apparent every time you speak or hear from them, their passion and enthusiasm for trying new things with the children in their charge emanates.

So, a very loving, fun yet educational atmosphere that the children adore, but as a parent, I have found their flexibility a real bonus, my previous stressful journeys back to the nursery to be back for 6pm are so eased by knowing that I am not keeping Tom & Janine from going home and their attitude is so supportive, nothing is ever too much trouble and they seem to care as much about the parents as the children.

I never thought I would advocate a childminding service over a nursery, but having 2 people looking after the children adds interest for them and one of the best points for the girls is that they enjoy an outing almost everyday which never happened at the nursery so they are both taking on a new found stamina for outdoor activity and walking and enjoying nature so much more.

I am so pleased that you were able to fit us in to your setting for daycare and before and after school services, the effort that you put in to make sure my 5 year old has something fun to do or a trip to the park after school never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you so much

Becky Quick

It is obvious from drop offs and pick ups that our little man is very happy to spend a day at Little Munchkin Patch. It’s also obvious that he’s formed a close bond with Tom, Janine, Amélie and the other munchkins. We’re so happy that he’s happy. To read about his adventures, see pictures of him giggling away and learn that his development is on track is the icing on the cake.
Daddy has also noticed that he plays more with other children at other ‘stay and play’ groups since going to LMP and is perhaps more independent than some of his peers. This is a lovely sign of his progress and we thank Tom and Janine for all their fun, education and cuddles.

Jez Kent

He’s incredibly lucky to have two super wonderful people like yourselves looking after and nurturing him. As have we been and for that we can’t thank you enough.

Liz Brewer

Janine and Tom
[About the learning journey]
What an absolute joy to read this and the time & effort (and love) that has gone into putting it together – I find it hard being away for a chunk of the week and your daily mails, and seeing this, this morning, reminds me that in picking the patch we absolutely made the right choice for both Mollie and Emilie
Thank you

Tim Quick

Hi Janine and Tom
Thank you so much for the wonderful learning journey.
I have loved seeing the photos of Finn clearly enjoying his time at the patch with his fellow munchkins. The variety of activities he has participated in over the last few months has clearly helped him to develop in many areas, and it is obvious from your observations that you really know Finlay very well. We are so lucky to live in this area and I am so delighted how you make optimum use of it and all it has to offer.
Finlay is a lucky little boy and likewise we feel very fortunate to have found such a caring couple to look after our little boy.
Liz, Dom (and Finlay) xx

Liz Newton

Thanks for sharing the daily diary today.
Great to read on the bus in Central London… x

Steve Brewer

Hi Janine, Tom & Amelie,
Just thought I’d send you a quick email update.
Alba is getting on well at the new childminder’s but every day we realise how spoilt we were to start her off with you guys.
Hope you are all well.
Viki, Morgan and Alba xxx

Viki Fitzpatrick

Janine and Tom
Thank you so much for looking after Alba over the last months. You have made giving over the care of Alba to someone else, something I imaging is one of the most difficult things for new parents, both easy and worry free. We think you guys are one in a million.
Love from Alba, Viki, and Morgan Fitzpatrick

Morgan Fitzpatrick

Dear Tom and Janine,
Our daughter has been attending the Patch for around five months now and it is clear that she thoroughly enjoys her time spent there. She talks about Tom and Janine (and her munchkin friends) at home with fondness. We are impressed with the wide range of activities that Merryn has been able to access, from trips to the farm and soft play to daily sing and rhyme time, craft activities and independent play that mirror the opportunities we like to provide at home. We have been particularly pleased with the way that Tom and Janine reflect on their practice and adapt activities to suit the children’s interests and needs. They are approachable and always interested in our input to best support our child.

Sarah Bailey

Hi Janine,
Thank you so much for the link to Albert’s Learning Journal. It’s beautifully presented, and has some lovely pictures of him enjoying the various activities – which is great fun to see.
We’re really encouraged to witness the development in him in the short time that he’s been with you, and are really impressed with the variety of activities that you arrange for the munchkins.

Nick Tomlinson

I am utterly speechless…
This has to be one of the most special things in the world that I have received. You succeeded in making me bloody cry!
Talk about an amazing keep sake and it make my heart just burst with pride and love seeing how well he is doing at the Patch and how much fun he has. I can’t tell you how wonderful this is, I knew it would be great, but you both have supersede what i thought I was going to see.
It looks amazing, reads wonderfully and is so clear to follow – just love all the illustrations and icons and the photos of HB – especially the ones of him and Amelie are gorgeous. I can’t wait to share it with my folks and family …
I feel very lucky to have you guys looking after HB !
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Liz Brewer

Hi Janine,
Tom asked if the Learning Journal worked okay on iPad – just looking at it and it works perfectly. I think it must be the best looking Learning Journal out there! Thank you again.

Jen Haddington

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Tom. It’s so lovely to know that Francis is having such an amazing time with you guys:)

Lorraine Janes

Hi Janine and Tom
Many thanks for welcoming us into your home today. Myself, Sarah and most importantly Merryn really enjoyed meeting you all. Merryn seemed much happier today than she has for weeks at XXXXX XXXXXXX. It is such a relief to have our little girl acting her normal cheery self again.
We would be very happy if you would take on the child care of Merryn.
We were really impressed by your approach and both agreed that you share the same views in bringing up children as ourselves.
We also really enjoyed meeting Amelie and thought she was a bright, engaging and lovely little girl. She is testament to yourselves and has definitely influenced our decision.

Many thanks;
Phil, Sarah and Merryn

Phil O'Shaughnessy

Any parent looking for a safe, creative, fun, friendly and caring child minding service for their child or children need look no further than the Little Munchkin Patch. Our little munchkin (Harrison) has been going along to the patch now for about 6 months and Simply loves his time there. It not only gives us huge peace of mind to know that he is in such capable, loving hands, but for him to be looked after by like-minded, intelligent and similar age parents as we are – is something really special and we believe perfect for our son. We feel really blessed to have come to know Janine and Tom, not only as brilliant child-minder’s for our son, but also as really good friends to us. We trust them 150% in looking after Harrison and we really couldn’t recommend the Little Munchkin Patch more highly.

Liz Brewer